How to Keep Company Culture Strong with Microsoft 365 While Working Remotely

How to Keep Company Culture Strong with Microsoft 365 While Working Remotely

Just when everything was getting back to normal, the Delta variant of COVID-19 hits, keeping employees out of the office and working from home. While working remotely has become a little less foreign, many companies are still struggling with keeping company culture strong.

As the Swiss Army Knife of platforms, Microsoft 365 helps businesses communicate and collaborate from anywhere, making it the optimal tool for remote working. There are currently over a million companies already using it, but many of them haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to its features. 

Here are a few tips to keep your company culture thriving using Microsoft 365:

#1: Host a weekly video cam meeting with your immediate team.

Some organizations have “Water Cooler Wednesdays” while others do an after-work happy hour from the comfort of their own homes. These different events create a connection among co-workers so that teamwork can develop.

#2: Update your availability.

Instead of keeping your co-workers guessing whether or not you’re online, make it easy by setting your Microsoft Teams’ status to Away, Do Not Disturb, In a Meeting, etc. This simple tip can take the frustration out of trying to communicate (we’ve all been there). Plus, it’ll help set boundaries between work and your personal life which can be difficult when working from home. 

#3: Keep everyone on the same page using Microsoft Planner.

Without the office whiteboard and massive wall calendars, some people may start to feel lost as to what’s going on in the company. Microsoft Planner is a great way to strategize, organize and delegate in one central location. Also, it makes managing easier as tasks and due dates can be assigned. 

#4: Protect yourself from hackers.

One way to really cause a ripple in company culture is to fall victim to a cyber attack.  As employees continue to work from home, cyber criminals have become more creative in their delivery, making it easy for anyone to fall prey. Work with your IT team to secure your cloud platforms using things like two factor authentication, advanced threat protection and web filtering. Last but not least, always have a tested and strong disaster recovery plan in place so you can be back up and running in no time. 

Using these remote working tips can help foster teamwork, enhance collaboration and strengthen communication. If you need additional help with Microsoft 365 or cybersecurity, contact the professionals at Krantz Secure Technologies.

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