IT Services for Financial Firms in New York City

Secure technology with advancedbusiness continuity

As a financial firm, you’re operating in a highly regulated and fast-paced industry. You need reliable technology to protect your systems and confidential information as well as quick response times when needed for support. Since your clients have trusted you with their most valuable assets, you can trust Krantz Secure Technologies to provide all the technology you need to secure your clients’ data, support your users at all hours of the day and stay ahead in this highly competitive and dynamic sector.

We understand that:

  • Audits and regulatory compliance are constantly top of mind
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery preparation must be first class
  • Cybersecurity protection and detection are critical

Krantz Secure Technologies offers our clients the peace of mind in knowing that their IT systems and data are well managed and maintained by a professional organization.

IT Services for Financial Firms in NYC

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We Understand Your Financial Services Firm

Instead of spending time worrying about your data, leave your technology to the professionals so you can concentrate on advising your clients.

Secure and Stable Networks for Financial Firms

Secure and Stable Networks

Say “goodbye” to unexpected downtime. Your network will run efficiently allowing you and your employees more uptime and enhanced productivity.
White-Glove End User Support for Financial Firms

White-Glove End User Support

Get focused customer service with a passionate commitment to communicate as well as be good listeners.
Exceptional response times for financial firms

Exceptional Response Times

Receive a prompt, professional response to whatever issue may arise.
Business continuity planning for financial firms

Business Continuity Planning

Ensure your business operations can be up and running in a secondary location after a disaster.
Cybersecurity expertise and compliance services for financial firms

Cybersecurity Expertise and Compliance Services

Cyber attacks continuously get more sophisticated requiring true cybersecurity expertise to mitigate your risks. The protection adequate a couple of years ago, simply won’t cut it today.
Peace of Mind IT with fully managed IT services for financial firms

Peace of Mind IT

Rest easy at night knowing your IT infrastructure is being well managed and maintained by a professional organization.

Learn About the Cybersecurity Threats Targeting Your Law Firm

Managed IT Support for Financial Firms

Want to Know How Your Financial Firm Can Prevent Costly Downtime?

Download our case study to learn how Krantz Secure Technologies helps a Wall Street investment banking enterprise with their IT systems.


Why You Should Your Financial Firm Choose Krantz Secure Technologies as Your IT Partner


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