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Every 11 seconds a business is attacked by a cyber criminal. With hackers becoming more and more sophisticated, a multi-layered security strategy is necessary to keep your data protected. If your current IT provider doesn’t have an advanced approach to security, then your organization may be at risk for a data breach. Most small businesses don’t have the internal expertise to keep up with the ever expanding cyber threat landscape. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with over 20 years of providing advanced cybersecurity protection.

At Krantz Secure Technologies, security is a primary focus of ours and our original security practice was an award-winning, enterprise-focused service. Today, we bring this expertise to our managed services clients (as well as other New York City businesses looking for an independent baseline assessment of their network security). All of our standard managed services programs include one of the most robust suites of security services offered in our industry.

With our proven cybersecurity strategy, we help our clients mitigate their overall security risks and conform to a variety of compliance standards such as HIPAA and SEC/FINRA. If your industry must conform to compliance standards (and just about every company in NY must comply with the New York Shield Act which went into effect in March 2020), then you know that compliance is not something you simply achieve. It is an ongoing process that requires more than establishing policies and procedures. You must document evidence that you are complying and testing your policies, performing annual risk assessments and updating your risk mitigation plans.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on fines and damage your reputation.

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Worried That Your Business Couldn’t Withstand a Cyber Attack? ….You Should Be!

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Does Your Business Have a Cybersecurity Culture? Let us help you stay current with technologies that will mitigate your risk.

With Krantz Secure Technologies, you’ll receive...

  • Next Generation Endpoint Protection
  • Security Incident Event Monitoring (SIEM)
  • 24 x 7 Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Risk Assessments + Risk Mitigation Plans
  • Compliance Plan, Monitoring, and Maintenance Programs
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Comprehensive Business Continuity Planning
  • Enhanced Email Security
  • Best Practices Implementation for Group Policies, Password Management, Two-Factor Authentication and Mobile Device Management
  • Enhanced Security thru White Listing Applications and Ring Fencing
  • Security Awareness Training

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