Information Technology Services NYC Business Have Trusted For Over 35+ Years

Thirty-five years ago, Jim Krantz had a vision—To provide the best business information technology solutions for New York City businesses.  With Krantz Secure Technologies, Jim and his team have accomplished this by providing proactive, effective, and professional IT services for each of their clients.

The Top IT Services Company In NYC

Since 1980, Krantz Secure has developed the reputation as one of the foremost Network Infrastructure and IT Security Specialists in the Tri-State Area.

With in-depth industry knowledge, time-tested methodologies, local talent, and a firm commitment to customer service, we successfully deploy and support secure business networks and advanced cloud solutions for some of the most demanding, technology-strategic organizations in the region.

Your Needs Are Our IT Consultant’s Focus

We strive to earn our clients’ trust every day. We do this by providing the right IT solutions with proven technologies, along with best-of-breed industry practices. As a result, we’ve built lasting relationships with our clients.

This focus on our clients’ needs continues to be at the core of what we do. And it’s this focus that’s made Krantz Secure one of the best IT service companies in New York City for over 35 years.

Easily Budgeted IT Services

We understand that you need to know what your costs will be upfront.  We’ll provide them for your approval before and during a project so there are never any unpleasant surprises.

Krantz Secure Technologies Helps You Stay Ahead

With our business leadership and technical acumen, Krantz Secure ensures your company will be on the leading edge with the best technology solutions available.  One thing, you can be sure of—When new ideas emerge that can have a positive impact on your business, we’ll aggressively evaluate their potential fit for your company. You’ll always have the right solutions whether you use On-Premise, in-the-Cloud, or a Hybrid Solution.

Information Technology With Security In Mind

Computer and Network Security are key to everything we do.  We pride ourselves on our security expertise, and will always work to protect your data. We’ll mitigate security risks, and ensure you can meet the strictest of IT-security regulations.

The Top Manhattan IT Company In Your Corner

Leveraging the right IT for success is key for any business to compete in today’s technology-driven world. Our best clients place a high importance on their IT infrastructure. They know that we’ll act as their IT Partner, and help them make strategic decisions when it comes to their technology.

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