IT Services for Accounting Firms in New York City

Keep client data protected from hackers

With a plethora of sensitive client data, your accounting firm is being targeted by hackers. Basic security protections are no longer adequate enough due to cyber attacks growing more and more complex. As we’re sure you are aware, you are now required to implement a data security plan using IRS Publication 4557 and the NIST Small Business Information Security documents as your security framework. We can help you establish this program and maintain compliance.

As security experts, Krantz Secure Technologies will implement the incremental layers of advanced security critical to protecting your systems and your clients' confidential data. We know how important a secure, reliable IT infrastructure is to your business and why extremely fast response times are essential, especially as filing deadlines approach. Your firm needs a reliable business continuity plan in place just in case something happens at the worst time.

Krantz Secure Technologies can offer you peace of mind in knowing your IT systems are well managed and maintained by a professional organization. From what you do and how you do it, we understand every aspect of your accounting business as we’ve been working with accounting firms for many years.

IT Services for Accounting Firms in NYC

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We Understand your Business Automation and Integrating Applications is critical

To remain competitive, it's imperative that you spend less time gathering and summarizing data, so you can concentrate on analyzing it and advising your clients. We are very familiar with your leading vendors and applications, some of which include:

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