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5 Cybersecurity Trends for 2023 Every Business Owner Should Know

#1: Risk Assessment Requirements
For years, IT providers have talked about the necessity of a business risk assessment. Now, cyber insurance is pushing the ball forward. If businesses want to get paid for a claim or reduce their cyber insurance premiums, they must provide evidence they’re doing everything right.

How to Prevent Your Cyber Liability Claim from Being Denied

It’s no longer “if” you get hacked but “when.” As data breaches continue to rise, organizations are turning to cyber insurance for more protection. Unfortunately, due to the number of cyber attacks and claims, cyber insurance firms are limiting payouts based on exceptions in the terms and conditions.

Leverage business intelligence to achieve your SMB goals

Business intelligence (BI) tools used to be prohibitively expensive because they required hiring specialists to analyze business data. This is why only large companies could afford them in the past and why small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were hesitant to implement them. But times have changed. SMBs now have access to a vast range of […]

Why password autofill is risky

Many people use password autofill on their web browser or password manager for convenience. The feature, however, can be used by hackers and advertisers to access user accounts and gather your sensitive information without your consent. Why password autofill is so dangerous Modern web browsers and password managers have a feature that enables usernames and […]

What Microsoft 365 Groups connectors can do for your team

One of the biggest obstacles for many teams is how to share resources like calendars, spreadsheets, and even Microsoft Outlook inboxes. Luckily, there’s Microsoft 365 Groups, a cross-application service that enables team members to collaborate and share resources with ease. What’s more, its connectors feature permits users to share content from third-party services right in […]

What We Learned About Cybersecurity in 2021

In 2021, businesses were still fighting COVID, struggling to come back from the shut downs and trying to ward off hackers. Unfortunately, cyber criminals just couldn’t give business owners a break as they used the global pandemic to their advantage. Ransomware attacks were up and the nation saw one breach after another being reported like the T-Mobile hack and the Colonial Pipeline attack.

Keep online trackers at bay through private browsing

These days, it’s nearly impossible to keep your internet activities completely private. Browsers keep track of your online behavior, while some websites collect your personal information. Although these data are often used for marketing purposes, it’s not uncommon for them to fall into the hands of identity thieves and other malicious actors. If you want […]