Security and Risk Assessments in New York City

Comprehensive and cost-effective security audits for small to medium sized businesses

In 2020, it took an average of 207 days to identify a breach. Performing a security and risk assessment is critical to protecting your network from threats and keeping your infrastructure operating at maximum efficiency. Not only is losing confidential client information very costly, but it also has lasting effects on your business like reputation damage and client churn. If your current IT provider isn’t performing regular audits of your network, then your business is at risk.

At Krantz Secure Technologies, we offer cost-effective, baseline security assessments to identify vulnerabilities, determine the state of your infrastructure and recommend solutions to mitigate risks.

Don’t leave your network vulnerable to cyber threats.

Security and Risk Assessments

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With Krantz Secure Technologies’ network audits, you’ll receive...

  • An external vulnerability assessment to identify any risks that hackers may be able to exploit
  • A review of your firewalls
  • An analysis of how well your active directory is maintained and group policies are implemented
  • An audit of the architecture of your network shares including where the confidential data resides and who has access to those shares
  • A review of how well your server and workstation operating systems are maintained
  • An inspection of your remote access policies currently in place
  • Detailed reporting and recommendations

Learn How to Stay Safe from a Cyber Breach

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Do Your Passwords Stand a Chance Against Hackers?

Download our password report card checklist to see if your passwords can pass the test.


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