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Migrate to the cloud and save on technology costs while gaining more features and accessibility to your data

Security and productivity are two of the many benefits organizations receive when moving to the cloud. In fact, 59% of small to mid-sized businesses have seen an increase in productivity after adopting the cloud while 94% have reported security benefits.

So many alternatives, what if any are right for you?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. A single conversation will usually provide us with enough information to identify what cloud solutions may work best for you (or reasons why not). From there, we’ll work together to better understand how your business processes currently work, what you would like to accomplish by migrating to the cloud and further refine our recommendations.

We built out our first private cloud offering 10+ years ago and have continued to evolve with the industry ever since. We certainly can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various solutions available today. But most importantly, we are a local resource, passionately committed to serving our clients. So while your data may be moving to the cloud, the relationship we maintain remains warm and strong.

Additionally, we have been providing sophisticated advanced security solutions for over 20 years. So while the mobility, accessibility, and collaboration through the cloud is excellent, working with someone who understands the importance and challenges of protecting your proprietary data is also important.

Please don’t hesitate to fill out our form or give us a call. We’d love to help you decipher the many cloud solutions as well as if we may be able help you.

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The CLOUD - A Range of Options

Krantz Secure Technologies offers a full suite of cloud services to best meet your needs:

Virtualized On-Premises Cloud Infrastructure

Virtualized On-Premises Cloud Infrastructures

Offering secure remote access while all your data remains in your office
Private Cloud-Based Virtualized Servers and Workstations

Private Cloud-Based Virtualized Servers and Workstations

Located in our secure data centers
Public Cloud-Based Virtualized Servers and Workstations

Public Cloud-Based Virtualized Servers and Workstations

Utilizing Microsoft Azure or AWS
Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Which combines on-premises and cloud-based services
Virtual Cloud

K-Secure Virtual Cloud

For customers that no longer need on-premises servers or a full cloud-based desktop solution They rely more and more on vendor hosted applications and web based services. But they want and need the control and security that a traditional network offers
Virtual Cloud Solutions with Hosted Applications

K-Secure Virtual Cloud with Hosted Applications

For customers who primarily rely on web-based applications and have a couple of applications that need to remain on servers

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