Compliance Solutions in New York City

Compliance is not an annual update, it is an ongoing process that requires management by experts and involvement from your entire team...

More and more industries are required to comply with regulatory and/or state-mandated compliance. In New York, the New York Shield Act of 2020 requires just about ALL employers to “develop, implement and maintain reasonable safeguards to protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of the private information” of their residents.

A well managed compliance program will provide you with the documentary evidence to pass an audit, respond to your major accounts cybersecurity questionnaires, defend against a lawsuit and get paid by your cybersecurity insurance company.

Remember, just because you have cyber insurance doesn’t mean they will pay your claim. You must have thorough cybersecurity policies and procedures in place; and also, show that you have been diligent in complying with them.

Compliance Services in New York City

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We will work with you to develop and document your:

  • Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation Plan
  • Cyber Security Policies and Procedures
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Access Controls and Validations Procedures

Then, we monitor to ensure you remain in compliance with your policies, review to make sure these controls are still adequate and remediate as necessary. And of course, everything is always documented so that you are prepared to present your evidence of compliance whenever needed.

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