When an NYC Trade Association Needed to Modernize Their IT Infrastructure and Migrate to the Cloud, Krantz Secure Technologies Made It Happen

Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA) is a non-profit trade association located in New York City. They represent the digital out-of-home advertising community, its members, and their suppliers. Their goal is to promote the growth and acceptance of out-of-home digital advertising on a global scale.


Digital place-based networks offer video content on screens located in places where people dwell, such as shopping malls, restaurants and bars, health clubs, doctor’s offices, office lobbies and elevators, taxi cabs, airports, airplanes, hotels, gas stations and other high-traffic venues.

The Situation: The Need for a Reliable and Dynamic Partner to Provide IT Support and Strategy

Technology is fundamental to facilitating DPAA’s goals, and for them to effectively communicate with their members and partners around the world. It’s critical to ensuring they remain modern and competitive in digital/online spaces.

“Our staff couldn’t access documents from where and when they needed to,” says DPAA President & CEO, Barry Frey. “This negatively affected our productivity. I knew we required the expertise of an IT professional who could migrate our network to the Cloud without unnecessary downtime.”

While DPAA had long relied on “break-fix” IT consultants to solve issues as they arose, their organization had matured to the point of needing a more all-encompassing approach to IT management, monitoring, and support.

“We used some as-needed IT consultants in the past, but it became apparent we needed a more fully-managed service provider,” continues Frey. “We chose Krantz Secure Technologies due to the quality of services they provide.”

The Solution: Partnering with Krantz Secure Technologies to Take Hold of IT Issues

As soon as they came on board, the Krantz team performed a complete assessment of DPAA’s network, including their PC and Mac computers. Knowing that DPAA was a small non-profit, and had budget constraints, Krantz did everything possible to minimize costs while migrating them to the K-Secure Virtual Cloud. The Krantz team ensured that the new, more modern solution provided better control, flexibility, security, and organization for DPAA.

“The Cloud migration was incredibly important for us,” says Frey. “It’s allowed us to have all our resources consistently available to the staff members who need them. Plus, the Krantz team ensured the migration was seamless and we didn’t suffer downtime as we transitioned.”

The Outcome: A Modernized IT Infrastructure and a Strategic, On-Going IT Partnership

Since partnering with Krantz Secure Technologies, DPAA has experienced the benefit of the K-Secure Virtual Cloud – an all-encompassing, fully-managed and cloud-based desktop solution. The DPAA team now has access to the vendor hosted applications and web-based services they need. This solution provides DPAA with modern accessibility while still maintaining the control and security that a traditional network offers

Today, the staff at DPAA has any time and anywhere access to the documents and resources they require – all located in their secure home base in the Cloud. They can now stay productive, up to date and have the increased accessibility they need to meet their business goals.

“We’ve worked with Krantz for about a year now,” says Frey. “Their team is very attentive and easy to work with. They provide the day-to-day support we need, react quickly, and always deliver solutions when we need them. Plus, they help us make informed and proactive technology decisions that help the association evolve.”

“Krantz Secure Technologies has the ideal balance between strategic proactivity and reliable responsivity,” says Frey. “And they have the expertise, depth of knowledge, resources and workforce to get us to the next level! I highly recommend them to other businesses and professional organizations, and I often do!”

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