Communications Is The Life Line Of Any NYC Business.  Your Business Telephone Service Just Has To Work.

When you pick up the’s simple…you just want the phone to work.  But, you know what?  Getting your voice mail sent to your email, having access to your office telephone system from your smartphone and maybe having all your Microsoft Outlook contacts appear on your telephone system are added bonuses.

You need a VoIP Telephone Systems from New York City’s most trusted name in Business Technology for over 35+ years.  Krantz Secure Technologies.

Why Krantz Secure Technologies For Your Business VoIP and Telephone Service?

The cost of traditional telephony continues to rise, and as business becomes more global, long distance charges can mount up quickly. There are some big benefits in moving to VoIP phones – there are no capital costs, no installation costs, an easy transition, and they are a highly-portable solution with disaster recovery built right in with a hosted solution.

How does the Krantz Secure Technologies business telephone service help New York City companies?

Here are just a few of the benefits our clients receive when they have the Krantz business phone service:

  • Infrastructure Flexibility: Internet-based phones provide you with an excellent signal strength, unmatched clarity of sound and a phone number that can travel with you regardless of your physical location. We are strong believers in digital telephony as part of your overall disaster recovery/business continuity solution, so we offer standard VoIP phones to our Hosted Voice Service clients at no charge.
  • Portable Telecommunications: one of the key benefits of VoIP telephony is the portability. As long as you have Internet access, your VoIP phone can be plugged in, and you’ll get a dial tone. Need to check your voicemail while you’re on the road? No problem – Internet phones can translate the digital message right into your email, so you can listen in even when you’re out of the office. Your staff sounds like they’re in the office all the time, even when they’re not.
  • Remote Work and Travel: VoIP is the ideal solution for companies that have employees that work away from the office, travel for work, or employ remote workers. With VoIP, your staff can work across the globe as easily as they can work in the same building – all while utilizing the best of business-class telephone features. The combination of these advantages puts a professional, seamless face on your company’s communications and enables greater productivity and efficiencies

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