Medical & Healthcare IT Services

With Krantz Secure, Your Healthcare Practice Will Benefit from our White-Glove Managed Services that Maintain your Critical IT Infrastructures Along with the Expertise of our HIPAA-Compliance Professionals.

Running a clinic, family practice, dental or chiropractic office is a challenging balance

even when everything is going well. But it’s impossible when your IT network mysteriously crashes or slows down. When this happens you’re unable to care for your patients.

With our White-Glove Managed Services, your practice will benefit from a full spectrum of high-impact IT Services packaged within a simple-to-budget monthly fee. We maintain and monitor your systems, so you have near-zero breakdowns and downtime. No more big surprise break/fix bills, and no more long downtime that paralyzes your practice.

K-Secure White-Glove Managed Services include:

    • 24/7 Support
    • Network Monitoring
    • Proactive Maintenance
    • Patching and Upgrades
    • Vendor Management
    • IT Strategy
    • Mobile Management
    • Business Telephony
    • Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • Microsoft Office 365 Suppor

Whether your healthcare-related business is on the front lines treating patients or in a supporting role, we have the IT professionals and plans that will give your practice a robust IT foundation.

Plus, we have programs to help you, your Business Associates and Covered Entities meet HIPAA and HITECH Compliance Requirements, and protect your patients’ confidential information.

Did you know that PHI is the most sought-after information on the black market today?

With Krantz Secure Technologies as your IT Partner, you’ll get a healthcare security team, technology management partner, and a group of HIPAA Compliance professionals – all in one!

The Krantz Secure team provides security management solutions that reduce risk and provide strong IT controls – This leads to greater operational efficiency in safeguarding your network and patient data.

We’ll ensure you leverage technology to address critical compliance requirements and improvements in patient care, with an IT roadmap that hardens security while minimizing impact to the productivity of your doctors, dentists, chiropractors, practitioners or staff.

Our HIPAA-Compliance Experts:

  • IT Management For Healthcare Providers in NYC
    Provide Risk and Vulnerability Management

    We’ll identify, prioritize, and mitigate the risks associated with external and internal threats, data theft and weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

  • Cybersecurity For Medical Practices in NYC
    Secure Your Medical Devices

    We’ll deploy proven medical-device security software to maintain manufacturer-specified device configurations, provide protection from malware and tampering, and ensure compliance.

  • HIPAA Compliant Computer Services in NYC
    Secure PHI at Rest

    To ensure you meet HIPAA and HITECH encryption standards, and avoid expensive data-breach notifications, we’ll continually encrypt PHI and other sensitive data on your systems and removable media. Our solution has a low footprint combined with an easy-to-use interface. Your data will be protected wherever it resides, freeing you and your staff to help your patients, while staying compliant.

  • Compliance Management Services in NYC
    Secure PHI in Motion

    Our experts will protect your patent records and meet privacy requirements by safeguarding sensitive health information in motion. We’ll guard health information during transmission with monitoring, encryption, and blocking controls to stop data loss. This ensures compliance with privacy legislation and prevents inadvertent or malicious disclosure of patient records.

  • Computer Support For Medical Practices in NYC
    Secure Laptop Computers and Mobile Devices

    Your practice can’t afford to have unsecured and unencrypted information on your mobile devices. Not only is it unsafe – it’s illegal. By partnering with Krantz Secure, your patients’ PHI will remain safe, even if a laptop or mobile device is lost or stolen.

Our White-Glove Managed Services combined with our HIPAA-Compliance Expertise ensure your practice will not only have a Peak-Performing IT Infrastructure but complete IT Security so your PHI and other confidential data remain protected. For a complimentary review of your IT Performance and Security needs, contact the experts at Krantz Secure Technologies at (212) 286-0325 or

Call Now! (212) 286-0325

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