It’s a volatile and unpredictable computer networking world out there, and you need the kind of assurance that will help you pass your next HIPAA audit. Our IT services help business owners significantly mitigate that capricious volatility with the kind of support that makes HIPAA compliance an ongoing reality for those covered entities and business associates in the healthcare industry. To this end, we provide all the HIPAA compliant IT services NYC companies will require.

We make sure you are operating with HIPAA compliant email, and are in HIPAA security compliance at all times by way of our rigorous technology assessments, security audits, and ongoing testing and adjustments (where needed) so that you are always HIPAA audit-ready.

Do You Offer HIPAA Compliant Solutions for Both Covered Entities and Business Associates?

No matter if you are a principal covered entity (CE) or business associate (BA) of a hospital, managed care facility, doctor’s office, clinic, or another type of healthcare organization – we make staying in HIPAA compliance easy and affordable for anyone who needs it.

Do You Provide HIPAA Compliant Hosting Options?

If you need HIPAA compliant hosting services, we can help you achieve the hosted cloud solution you require, namely with our K-Secure Virtual Cloud with Hosted Applications option.

Do You Offer HIPAA Compliance Managed Services?

We offer a managed services option that keeps you in total HIPAA compliance and audit readiness in an ongoing, cost-controlled manner. Our managed IT services keep NYC healthcare facilities and their business associates safe and secure from potential cyber breaches or data loss/exfiltration.

Can You Help Us with Business Continuity, Intelligence, and Planning?

Our strategic IT consulting gives you an ongoing partner in business continuity planning, implementing the best business intelligence solutions, and all the consultancy your business will ever need to keep a tight ship running and compliance issues at bay.

What’s the Best Way to Get Started?

Krantz Secure Technologies provides the industry-leading HIPAA compliance support New York businesses need to keep them running a fully compliant and secure IT network. Call us today at (212) 286-0325 or email us at for more info on how to get the best HIPAA compliant IT services in NYC for your money and long-range IT objectives.

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