Providing IT Support Services to the NY Metropolitan Area Since 1980

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Providing IT Support Services to the NY Metropolitan Area Since 1980

Questions? Call (212) 286-0325

K-Secure Managed Services – Cyber Security Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Security has been a primary focus of Krantz Secure Technologies for over 15 years, and we are recognized in the industry as security experts. Our original security practice was an award-winning, enterprise-focused business unit. Today, we bring this expertise to our managed services clients as well as other small and medium businesses looking to hire us to get an independent baseline assessment of how well their networks and confidential data are being managed and protected.

We leverage our security expertise daily to help our clients mitigate their overall security risks and conform to a variety of compliance standards such as HIPAA and SEC / FINRA regulations.

All of our standard managed services programs include one of the most robust suites of security services offered in our industry! (and of course many layers of advanced security can be added.)

The K-Secure Standard Security Service includes:

  • Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Protection
  • Diligent Patch Management
  • Managed Firewall Services
  • DNS inspection / Threat Mitigation
  • Email Security, including Email Encryption
  • Robust Anti-Spam Protection
  • Content Filtering
  • Implementation of Best Practices for Group Policies and Password Management
  • Annual External Vulnerability Assessment (Assessment is performed quarterly for our compliance clients)
  • Onsite and Off-Site Backup Service
  • Implementation of a Business Continuity Plan

Some of our Advanced Security Solutions include:

  • Device Control (to restrict where users may store data)
  • Mobile Device Management Including Application Control
  • File/Folder Encryption, Whole Disk Encryption
  • Data Classification and Data Rights Management
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Identification of Websites Being Used by Your Company, Both Sanctioned and Unsanctioned (it will really surprise you)
  • Identification of Proprietary Company Data Residing on Unsanctioned Web-Based Applications
  • Data Loss Prevention for Web-Based Service
  • In-depth Security Audits for HIPAA and SEC/FINRA
  • Cost Effective Baseline Security Audits for Small and Midsized Businesses (Click here for more information)
  • Development of Corporate Security Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Assistance in the Development of the Disaster Recovery Manual

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