When most people think about cybercrime, they are thinking of highly organized and professional criminal activity – in some cases government sponsored activity. Obviously, these organizations present a very low risk to small and medium business.

However, there is an ever increasing threat to smaller companies. Actually, there are 15 times the number of exploits in firms with 10-100 employees than there are in corporate enterprises.

Why? The internet has made it easy and affordable for someone with very little expertise to become a cybercriminal.  There are sites on the “dark web” to access tools + exploits as a service – subscribe to malicious applications for a monthly fee and rent servers / storage to run them on – all very inexpensively.

For example, they sell something called Cryptors for $50 to $100 for 6 months use…and they guarantee to get your exploit code past 35 of the leading virus protection solutions. There is a market for Droppers – these hackers compromise systems but are not interested in executing an exploit. So they rent access to the compromised machines to other hackers for a fee. This less sophisticated cyber world has online markets, advertising, payment systems, even testimonials!

This type of criminal is looking for easy targets. A well-managed network, with the right core security solutions and security policies in place, will reduce this risk by 85 to 90%.

But two of the most recent trends in Information Technology have made the challenge of monitoring and securing company confidential and proprietary information even more difficult to protect:

  • The proliferation of mobile devices: laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • The vast number of unsanctioned and insecure online file sharing services

Employees have confidential information on their laptops.  How secure is the data if the laptop is lost or stolen, or if it is an employee-owned device and they leave the firm? Additionally, more and more employees leverage their personal file sharing services (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Docs, etc.) for their convenience and to share data with clients and other 3rd parties. Does your data belong on these insecure platforms?  Do you even know it is there?

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