Our experience has been that many small and mid-sized businesses (in non-regulated industries) have paid very little attention to how securely their IT infrastructures are being maintained.

For professional services organizations such as legal, accounting,  executive recruitment,  and real estate development,  a data loss of confidential client information could be costly, damaging to their reputations, and lead to a loss of business. We feel it is essential and prudent that these firms get a baseline of how secure their networks and data are, from an independent 3rd party.

We offer very cost effective baseline security audits to identify how well your network security infrastructure is being maintained, determine your vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and recommend solutions to remediate the risks. Usually, these initial audits only take 2 to 3 days ($3,000 – $4,500) to complete, and typically include:

  • An external vulnerability assessment to identify any risks that hackers may be able to see from the internet
  • A review of your firewall reviews
  • Determine how well Active Directory is being maintained (access rights) and Group Policies are implemented (password policies )
  • Review how well the server and workstation operating systems are being maintained
  • Review the architecture of the network shares: where does confidential data reside, and who has access to those shares
  • Review the remote access policies currently in place
  • Detailed Reporting and Recommendations

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