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Technology, Innovation, and Leadership are at the core of Krantz Technologies. We are very proud that we built and have been providing full, cloud-based networks for our clients for almost five years. The experience and expertise we have gained has enabled us to offer a range of secure solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that are unmatched by other cloud service providers in our area.

There is so much noise and confusion surrounding the various types of cloud computing and cloud-based services that are available in the marketplace. Added to this confusion is the fact that expertise is required to work thru the complexities of identifying the RIGHT solution and ongoing support services required to meet the needs of your business.

Krantz Technology has the RIGHT team to get you the RIGHT cloud solution. We offer:

  • Virtualized On-Premise Cloud Infrastructures with remote access services
  • Cloud-Based Virtualized Servers and Workstations residing in our secure data centers
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions – on premise combined with cloud hosted servers and workstations
  • K-Secure Virtual Cloud – for customers that no longer need on-premise servers or a full cloud-based desktop solution (Citrix). They rely more and more on vendor hosted applications and web-based services. But they want and need the control and security that a traditional network offers.
  • K-Secure Virtual Cloud with Hosted Applications – for customers who will primarily rely on web-based applications but have a couple of applications that need to remain on servers

Whatever your cloud configuration, the Krantz Secure Technologies team will leverage our in-depth security expertise to greatly enhance the security of your network and data. To learn more about the benefits of moving to a cloud solution click here.

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