• DNS Traffic Inspection – An additional workstation security agent that inspects the traffic, and blocks malware from entering.
    • Checks the reputation of sites people are requesting
    • Blocks phishing attacks (those links you keep telling people not to click on)
    • Prevents ransomware from getting the encryption keys needed to lock your files
    • Stops keyloggers from uploading your data,
    • Halts botnets from  “phoning home” to their command and control centers

    We will install an agent on each workstation so this protection will be in place wherever users are accessing the internet.

  • Whole Disk Encryption – We will implement and manage whole disk encryption on all your workstations and provide verification that your data is/was protected in the case of a lost or stolen workstation.
  • Password Manager – We will install and support password management for your users, to save their passwords and autofill their login credentials (and reducing service requests!)

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