Do I need a server?

server_banner_imgDo I still need a server? Maybe not.

While the question seems pretty straightforward, the issues that impact the answer can be quite complex.

If your on-premise network infrastructure is relatively new and performing well, then we would recommend maximizing the investment that you have made before looking to transition.

However, if your current infrastructure is nearing “end of life”, then we would most certainly consider other options.

If your business applications consist of email, Microsoft Office, file sharing, and maybe Quickbooks, then clearly, we should be looking at eliminating on-premise servers.

servre_iconIf the preceding is true, but you have compliance regulations, the answer may still be the same, but the recommended solution must be investigated further to be sure it is compliant.

Beyond this, whether you need an in-house server is heavily dependent upon how many server-based applications you still need to run. If it is just a couple, we may be able to cost-effectively host those applications in our cloud infrastructure and provide easy access to the users. If you need to run a lot of server-based applications, then we need to look closer at the cost/benefits. A full cloud implementation may be the way to go, or an on-premise solution may still be the best solution.

Other considerations that may impact the decision include the size of the files being stored/accessed (i.e. art files), and the resources required to run the applications (i.e. architecture CAD programs).

The bottom line is that there is no clear answer that applies to everyone. What you are doing today, and where you are planning to go tomorrow greatly impacts your strategic IT direction. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss you IT needs and long-term strategies.

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