K-Secure Back-up, Restores, Off-Site Storage and Business Continuity

We believe backup and business continuity are critically important, which is why we provide the following feature rich solution to all of our managed clients.

We install a server in your office that is dedicated to running our backup services. Your programs and data are all copied to this device (the base image).

Once the copying task is completed and the device is put into production, changes on your servers are copied to our backup appliance multiple times per day. If a problem occurs, (for example an application’s data gets corrupted, or a user accidentally deletes something), we can go back to a copy earlier in the day to restore that application or file. This is referred to as Disk to Disk back-ups with multiple intra-day incrementals.

Off-site back-ups: At the end of each day the daily back-ups are replicated to our secure off-site data center. Yes, this solution will eliminate the need for daily back up tapes and taking those tapes off-site! (Data is encrypted and stored off-site in our SAS 70 type 2 certified data center using AES 256 bit encryption).

High Availability Business Continuity

Our powerful appliance is also configured as a “virtual server”. Each time the backup of your production servers are completed, Software on the appliance is updating the “virtualized images” of your servers.  If anything should happen to a production server, we are easily able to restore the virtualized image on our appliance in less than 1 hour, enabling your users to be back to work, while we address the issue on the production server.

The virtual server will continue to be backed up, and when production is repaired or upgraded we will either restore what has changed or do a full bare metal restore.

Disaster Recovery

We also have the ability to include disaster recovery in our data center as part of a complete business continuity solution. If there is a local or regional disaster event, where people are not able to access their IT infrastructure ( on premise or remotely), we are able to get them back to work from anywhere they have internet service.

For most of our customers we provide our Standard Recovery Service which provides for a 3 to 5 recovery time in our data center.

But for our customers that are highly transaction oriented, have peak periods where they simply can not afford downtime, or have compliance regulations, we have Premium Recovery Service which includes:

  • A 1 hour recovery point objective (RPO), meaning you will not lose more than 1 hour of data from the time the disaster recovery event occurred.  (Please note this is dependent on your internet speed).
  • A 4 hour recovery time objective (RTO), meaning we will restore your servers in our data center within 4 hours from the time the disaster recovery event occurred

All local and off-site back-up processes are monitored and managed by our network operations center

Why put your company’s future at risk? Put your data and proprietary applications into the experienced and capable hands of the Krantz Secure Technologies Disaster Recovery experts!

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