Veterans possess assets, skills and personality traits that make them ideal business owners and entrepreneurs

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Veterans as Entrepreneurs

In sheer numbers alone, the veteran population is a formidable force, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics giving the number as over 21 million in 2014. As a nation and as citizens, there is a feeling that it is important to give back to those who have protected and served. Many businesses give discounts to veterans, from restaurants to hardware stores to clothing stores to IT services.

Computer services and security are essential to every business, and because technology is constantly changing most businesses get help from outside to get the best, most up-to-date products. Krantz Secure Technologies is geared toward helping veterans and works hard to give the best service in the most efficient manner. As an example, 3/4 of the requests Krantz Secure Technologies receives for help are answered in 20 minutes or less.

Offering computer services for veteran-owned businesses, Krantz Secure Technologies not only offers discounts to veterans but establishes an ongoing relationship with each client. Understanding your needs is the paramount goal, which is achieved through open communication and quick responses.

Skills that make Veterans great Entrepreneurs

Unlike many entering the world of business, veterans learned their skills on the job, in real life circumstances. Besides the many job skills they learn, they also learn essential skills for business management. These skills include communication skills, where they learn to express themselves simply, which they learn when they are learning to work together as part of a team.

Veterans have had to learn how to adapt to changing circumstances and to change their own behavior as the situation changes. They also learn to problem-solve on the move, as they often have to make quick decisions to fulfill an objective. Veterans have to learn to observe and really pay attention before addressing a problem.

When employers search for people who will be able to work well in a business environment, they search for people who have these kinds of skills. Veterans have had to learn these skills naturally, and are adaptable enough to be able to apply them to jobs outside the military. When those skills are adapted to the outside world, veterans experience great success.

Personality traits of veterans

Veterans have been made under fire, and their experience in risk taking was necessary to live. This led to self-confidence, though, as they overcame one obstacle after another in their service to the country. The commitment they make when enlisting leads to a deeper commitment, as they learn to see themselves as part of something bigger. Veterans are both trusted and trustworthy, and their commitment is honored by all.

As enlisted personnel, military members showed motivation, which allowed them to hurdle the beginning struggles, and determination, as they worked through difficult times. Time management is a skill necessary to any business, and every military person has to practice it 24 hours a day during the most intense times, unlike civilians who can go home when work is done.

Some examples of Veteran Businesses

Many businesses started by veterans are not just successful, they are unique and address needs other businesses had not fully considered. For instance, two veterans started RideScout, which helps a person get from one point to another using every kind of transportation in between. One of them had wondered why it was so complicated making his five-mile commute to the Pentagon, and he solved the problem in a way that helps many people.

FedEx was started by a Marine veteran, who wrote about a delivery service for a college paper and came back after serving to make that dream come true. His company was the first to register $1 billion dollars revenue in a year in 1983. USAA was started by 25 Army officers whose only intention, in the beginning, was to ensure each other’s cars.

Veterans have already proven themselves

When it comes to choosing which person to partner with and support, veterans are the obvious choice. They have already faced adversity and come out on the other side. Veterans learn from their own mistakes and have a unique perspective because they have taken risks and lived through real life consequences.

Time management is probably an essential personal skill for a business owner, and nobody understands time management like someone who has been in the military where either every minute is planned or chaos.

Veterans deserve the best

Technology is the backbone of every business now, and protecting the business must be a number one priority in order to succeed and not lose valuable data. Employee and customer records must be kept safe. Computer hardware needs to be kept safe, and businesses need to be able to respond quickly and effectively to threats.

Any veteran who is interested in taking advantage of premium computer security at discount prices doesn’t have to make a commitment right away. Krantz Secure Technologies is committed to offering the best services and products, with no pressure.

Every potential customer is entitled to a free, 60-minute presentation where an expert will listen to any concerns answer questions. Various options will be presented, as solutions are not one size fits all. Any veteran who is interested in any of these offers can contact us at

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