When A-List Education needed to increase the capabilities of their IT, Krantz Secure Technologies effectively upgraded and improved their systems. Krantz not only addressed A-List’s immediate concerns but enabled them to work more productively and efficiently.

A-List Education has grown from serving a handful of students into an international organization, offering tutoring and institutional programs, direct instruction, and professional development. IT systems must be perfect in order to successfully serve schools, non-profits and over 50,000 students across the globe. With a multitude of online tools and resources available to their clients, IT is an integral part of A-List’s daily business.

A-List started their company with a small network infrastructure. As their business grew they needed to increase the scope and capability of their IT. Additionally, it was crucial they add security and backup systems to cope with any serious computer failure or malware attack. According to A-List’s Allen Springer, “One of our new office limitations was that we had a very small 15mb circuit internet bandwidth. We needed an efficient solution.”


The Situation: A growing educational services provider requires upgraded IT structure to meet increased client base

A-List connected with Krantz Secure Technologies who took over as their IT provider. Krantz stabilized and secured their network, as well as improved their system with significant application development. Krantz transitioned A-List from an outdated Windows Small Business Server and basic network technology to their fully hosted and integrated K-Secure Cloud Server and Citrix XenApp infrastructure ensuring continuous high-grade service and an excellent recovery plan in the event of any technical failure. Krantz also installed a business-grade firewall to secure their network and prevent any malicious attacks.

A-List as a company has grown dramatically. Springer states, “Krantz helped us move to a cloud computing environment which has maximized business productivity and efficiency for us.”

The Solution: Partnering with Krantz for reliable IT support, strategic IT optimization and proactive IT planning.

A-List relies on Krantz to provide responsive solutions for their IT needs. Springer comments, “Krantz allows us to outsource the tech questions so when we do have issues, we have the right partner to help us resolve things quickly. They always help us figure out the next step technology wise.” Krantz offers distinctive ongoing services such as:

  • K-Secure Managed Firewall Service – designed to protect businesses from outside threats
  • K-Secure Backup and Recovery – fully managed on-site and off-site backup and recovery protection
  • K-Secure Managed Services – proactive monitoring services that predict and prevent network problems and failures

helped them modernize their tech infrastructure by migrating them to the cloud. Migration to K-Secure Virtual Cloud infrastructure has allowed A-List Education to expand their service capacity dramatically, both nationally and around the globe.

For Krantz, the innovative work is never done. They continue to seek out ways to improve productivity and cost-efficiency with strategic tech implementations. Krantz keeps a finger on the pulse of new and transformational technology solutions and consults A-List Education on a continual basis to promote the utmost levels of efficiency and optimization.

A-List maintains that Krantz excels in their service, expertise and crafting flexible, affordable, well-tailored solutions. Springer says, “They have a great knowledge base and are great with strategic, proactive guidance, consultation, and implementation. They’re competitively priced, as well as responsive.”

Krantz Secure Technologies is a committed and reliable full service IT partner. Krantz delivered strategic and proactive expertise and solutions to A-List Education and has helped them modernize and optimize their tech infrastructure. Contact us today at (212) 286-0325 or Sales@KrantzSecure.com to learn how your business can benefit from our services too.

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