While the extended mortgage crisis of 2008 didn’t do anyone any favors, it had an unexpected consequence for some real estate investment firms. With many firms left with a significant portion of their funds tied up in these investments, certain aspects of their operations have been, for lack of a better term, neglected for the time being. Specifically, their IT infrastructure.

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Firms that are still waiting for their finances to rebound entirely have put off investing in new technology, instead of continuing to rely on the aging and outdated technology currently in place. While it may seem to be doing an adequate job for the time being, in reality this old infrastructure is likely hindering productivity, and causing even basic tasks to becoming time-consuming and inefficient.

REIT IT Services in New York CityTake communication, for example. The ability to keep in contact with clients, associates and employees are critical. In a field as fast-paced and competitive as real estate investment, there is a real need to be able to respond to requests quickly and iron out details regarding a bid or purchase agreement on a tight deadline. If new information can’t be shared, or documents can’t be sent out in a timely fashion, you run the risk of losing out on opportunities to a firm that’s better equipped to respond and react fast.

Another grave concern outdated technology tends to leave unaddressed is security. Protecting bids, negotiations, and other sensitive information from competitors are critical. A data breach of any kind risks exposing all of this information, derailing carefully laid plans and causing severe damage to your firm’s reputation. Recovering from a breach is often a time-consuming and expensive endeavor.

The solution to all of these concerns lies in partnership with a reliable, professional, and experienced Managed Services Provider. An IT partner that has a wealth of firsthand experience in the real estate investment field, and understands both the demands placed on your firm and the technology you rely on to help meet those needs can quickly become an indispensable resource for your firm.

Krantz Secure Technologies has worked with some NYC real estate investment firms over the past several decades, helping each to leverage technology to improve the way their firm operates. Something as simple as having someone step in to manage updates to your critical applications, such as Argus or Timberline, provides your team with additional time to spend focused on more pressing matters.

We first partnered with Loeb Real Estate in 2003, installing a fully-integrated IT infrastructure to ensure company-wide communication and efficient data exchange. After relocating to new premises in 2012, we upgraded them to our very own K-Secure Cloud, completely removing the need for them to purchase, install, or maintain an onsite server room or hardware.

In the years since, we’ve kept their infrastructure running smoothly, suggested and implemented changes and upgrades, and continued to keep their sensitive information safe, secure, and available to them whenever they need access.

Our experts can evaluate your aging infrastructure, and make recommendations that are both cost-effective, and offer the most benefit possible. We can help to improve workflow, communication, profitability, and efficiency by putting secure cloud-based solutions in the place of your current infrastructure, allowing you to extend your firm’s reach and make your team more productive.

The greatest advantage to working with an IT service provider who understands the ins and outs of your profession, however, is just that; Krantz knows exactly how the world of real estate investment works. We know that prompt, professional service is the single best asset we can provide. Our team will respond to service requests quickly, making ourselves available to your team the moment you need us. We act as a single point of contact for all of your technology vendors, eliminating the need for your staff to waste precious time calling around to try and resolve IT issues.

Staying current with the latest technology is critical, no matter what profession or industry you are a part of. Finding the technology that works best for your firm, and getting the most value out of your investment can be as simple as finding the right IT support provider to help you manage it.

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