Get a Jump on The Competition with “The Cloud”.

To be competitive in the real estate investment market, NYC firms are using up-to-date technologies to get pertinent information to the right people, share important documents quickly and securely, and keep their team and investors in the loop at all times.  One of these technologies is Cloud Computing.

Why?  Because, they know, that when you take advantage of the cloud, you can:

  • Share important documents and sensitive information quickly and securely.
  • Access vital data and applications easily from any location.
  • Reduce IT expenses by replacing pricey onsite hardware with hosted services.
  • Profit from scalability so your solutions evolve as your firm grows.
  • Optimize the IT solutions you already use.
  • Benefit from enhanced storage capacity and data security.
  • Ensure business continuity.

Instead of relying on stacks of encrypted discs that can’t be updated once they’ve been created, your firm can share contracts, financial statements, and other sensitive documents directly with investors and associates in a secure digital format.

Cloud technology is an important component for successful businesses.

With more work being completed outside of the office, having the ability to access files and applications from anywhere, using any device is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity.

Staff members who work from remote locations can simply log in to your secure virtual environment, and carry on with their day as easily as staff working from your home office. All of your authorized users have access to the same applications, documents, and data, no matter where they are. This improves your firm’s productivity and, ultimately, your profitability.

One of the biggest advantages to using cloud services is the cost savings it provides. Upgrading to a cloud-based infrastructure allows your firm to use the latest IT solutions for significantly less than what it would cost to overhaul your legacy onsite infrastructure.

Plus, by hosting your infrastructure in the cloud, the cost of upgrading and maintaining pricey equipment such as servers, is eliminated and replaced by a predictable monthly fee. This means no unexpected repair bills or upfront costs to cover when your storage needs increase.

Does your IT provider have the knowledge and experience with real estate investment firms? If not, it’s time to look to an IT Partner like Krantz Secure Technologies.  We have experience with both cloud computing and the demands of today’s real estate investment firms.  We’ll ensure you take full advantage of everything cloud technology has to offer.

Krantz Secure Technologies has worked closely with area firms like Loeb Partners Realty for many years, and we’ve put our cloud solution to work for them with great success. Our K-Secure Cloud Service, along with a wide range of additional in-house IT services, allows Loeb Real Estate to remain productive and competitive.

They know that Krantz has their technology well in hand. We:

  • Monitor and manage their IT infrastructure,
  • Stay on top of updates to proprietary software,
  • Work directly with vendors on their behalf, and
  • Provide ongoing advice and support.

Cloud technology has been a game-changer for Loeb Partners Realty, and for the business world as a whole.

Cloud Solutions from Krantz Secure Technologies will help you get a jump on the competition, and reach new heights of success. When you do, you’ll gain a limitless potential for future growth.

K-Secure Cloud Service is the go-to  Cloud Technology for real estate investment firms in Manhattan.

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