Employ the HIPAA-Compliance expertise of Krantz Secure and get a healthcare security team, technology management partner, and a group of HIPAA compliance professionals – all in one!

Krantz Secure specializes in helping healthcare organizations leverage technology to address critical compliance requirements and improvements in patient care.

With the pressures from Meaningful Use, HIPAA, HITECH, and state requirements around personal information weighing heavily on your organization, Krantz will create a roadmap for compliance that hardens security while minimizing the impact to your doctors, staff, and most importantly – your patients.

The Krantz Secure team provides security management solutions that reduce risk and provide strong IT controls – This leads to greater operational efficiency in safeguarding patient data. The solutions we employ address increasing demands and security concerns within healthcare environments, without negatively impacting performance.

HIPAA Enforcement Trends Are Way Up!—We’ll show you what you need to know to be compliant.

Risk and Vulnerability Management

Identify, prioritize, and mitigate the risks associated with external and internal threats, data theft, and weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

Secure Medical Devices

We will deploy proven medical-device security software to maintain manufacturer-specified device configurations, provide protection from malware and tampering, and ensure compliance.

Secure PHI at Rest

We’ll ensure you meet HIPAA and HITECH encryption standards and avoid expensive data-breach notifications by encrypting PHI and other sensitive data on your systems and removable media. Our solution has a low footprint combined with an easy-to-use interface.  We’ll ensure your data is protected wherever it resides – Freeing you and your staff to help patients and stay compliant.

Secure PHI in Motion

We’ll protect your patent records and meet privacy requirements by safeguarding sensitive health information in motion. We’ll guard health information during transmission with monitoring, encryption, and blocking controls to stop data loss.  This ensures compliance with privacy legislation and prevents inadvertent or malicious disclosure of patient records.

Secure Laptop Computers and Mobile Devices

Your practice can’t afford to have unsecured and unencrypted information on your computer and mobile devices. Not only is it unsafe – it’s illegal. By partnering with Krantz Secure, your patients’ PHI will remain safe, even if a laptop or mobile device is lost or stolen.

HIPAA regulators today are concentrating on Omnibus Rule Compliance.

Experts discovered that about 60% of businesses haven’t complied with this rule. Don’t be part of this 60%.

As a result of this failure to comply, during 2016:

  • A record level of fines was imposed equaling $24 million.
  • Three business people went to prison.
  • Medical licenses were revoked.
  • State Attorney Generals also levied fines.

With Krantz Secure Technologies, your business will achieve and maintain HIPAA Compliance. It’s like an insurance policy to ensure that if the HIPAA regulators audit your business, you’ll pass with flying colors!

We’ll hold your hand throughout the entire process, and provide:

  • A designated HIPAA Coach who will go at your pace until you achieve full compliance.
  • Plans for all HIPAA required Audits, Assessments, and Remediation.
  • Customized Policies & Procedures for your Privacy & Security.
  • Employee Training on HIPAA, Fraud Waste & Abuse.
  • Attestation Management.
  • Business Associate Audits & Management.
  • Incident Management.
  • Report & Document Tracking with Full Reporting and Document Version Control.
  • Illustrations of your compliance with reports along with a Seal of Compliance and HIPAA Certificate & Logo for your websites and printed materials.
  • A Hotline for Help with free support.

You’ll have everything you need when the HIPAA Auditor comes to visit.

Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus Compliance by partnering with Krantz Secure. Don’t risk your privacy, security, or a breach that ruins your reputation. For more information contact our HIPAA Experts at: (212) 286-0325 or ITsolutions@krantzsecure.com

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