Nonprofit IT support services for organizations across New York City

Since our early days, nonprofit organizations have been special clients for Jim and the team at Krantz Secure Technologies.  And today, you can still find us helping local groups such as “Meals on Wheels” deliver hot meals to those who can’t leave their homes.

We know there’s a lot to account for when running a nonprofit in New York City. You must handle the day-to-day stress of caring for those you serve, dealing with administrative duties, maintaining your operations, recruiting and supervising volunteers, raising funds, and complying with government regulations.

You have enough to do.  We’ll eliminate the day-to-day worry of managing your IT system, with cost-effective solutions including:  

  • Our White-Glove Managed IT Services: You’ll have a reliable team to manage your daily IT support needs. We offer a fixed-cost, complete solution so you can accurately budget your annual technology costs. And, we’ll be here 24/7 to ensure your IT environment is trouble-free, secure and smooth running.
  • Strategic IT Planning: You can’t afford to waste money on hit-or-miss IT solutions. As your Virtual CIO, we’ll ensure that you maximize every technology dollar, so you have more money on hand to serve those in need. We help our nonprofit clients leverage web-based technologies to both reduce costs and increase communication and collaboration.
  • Technology Assessments: The last thing you need is to experience a security breach or lose any of your data.  We’ll identify weaknesses in your information systems, eradicate vulnerabilities, and prevent them from occurring in the future.
  • Cybersecurity Training: Not only will we address potential cybersecurity threats, we’ll train your staff to recognize and defend against them. Security Awareness Training, coupled with our cybersecurity solutions, will protect your organization against today’s ever-growing forms of cybercrime.
  • Data Protection: We understand how important your data is, especially your donor, client and member databases.  Reliable backup and business continuity services have always been an integral part of our service offerings.

The team at Krantz Secure takes great pride and gratification in helping nonprofit organizations.  We’ll do everything we can to manage IT costs while increasing your operational efficiency. Culturally, this is an important part of who we are.

These are just some of the ways Krantz Secure Technologies helps nonprofit organizations in NYC today.  There are many more facets to our White-Glove complete service offering. We’d like to share them with you.

Take the first step.  Book a no-obligation, complimentary review of your IT needs with a Krantz Secure Nonprofit IT Specialist. You’ll receive a detailed report on what you’re doing right, and what may need some attention.

After that, you can engage our team and we’ll get to work for you.

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