For Complete Protection, You Need the Services of an Expert in Cybersecurity Who Provides a Proactive Defense on Multiple Levels.

In our 35+ years of experience providing IT services to businesses in NYC, we’ve found that most small and midsized businesses have neglected how securely their IT Infrastructures were maintained.

This is not only foolish but dangerous.  And especially so for professional services organizations like those in finance, law, accounting, executive recruitment, and real estate development.  A data breach could not only be costly but damaging to their reputations.  We’ve seen this result in a loss of business, and, sometimes, the end of the organization altogether.

Security has been our focus for over 15 years. Krantz Secure Technologies is recognized as an award-winning cyber security expert for businesses in New York City.

We leverage our security expertise to help our clients mitigate their overall security risks and conform to compliance standards such as HIPAA and SEC / FINRA regulations. Our standard managed services programs include one of the most robust suites of security services offered in the industry.  And for those who need more, our advanced security solutions provide the ultimate in protection.

K-Secure Security Services Provide a Proactive Defense On Multiple Levels.

Our Standard Security Service includes:

  • Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware protection.
  • Diligent Patch Management.
  • Managed Firewall Services.
  • DNS Inspection / Threat Mitigation.
  • Email Security including Email Encryption.
  • Robust Anti-Spam Protection.
  • Content Filtering.
  • Implementation of Best Practices for Group Policies and Password Management.
  • Annual External Vulnerability Assessments (performed quarterly for our compliance clients).
  • Onsite and Off-Site Backup Service.
  • Implementation of a Business Continuity Plan.

Our Advanced Security Solutions include:

  • Device Control to restrict where users may store data.
  • Mobile Device Management including application control.
  • File/Folder Encryption and Whole Disk Encryption.
  • Data Classification and Data Rights Management.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
  • Cost-Effective Baseline Security Audits for Small and Midsized Businesses.
  • Development of Corporate Security Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Assistance in the Development of the Disaster-Recovery Manual.

Your Employees are the Weakest Link in Your IT Security. Security Awareness Training Is Essential.

Of course, it’s important to have a well-managed and maintained IT infrastructure. However, today social engineering is the number-one security threat to any organization.

The alarming growth and sophistication of cyber attacks only make this problem worse, as cyber criminals go for the low hanging fruit—your employees. Krantz Secure Technologies believes that Security Awareness Training is an essential component of every company’s IT Security Posture. (It’s a requirement for several regulated industries.) We strongly urge business owners and managers to raise the awareness of cyber security threats in the workplace through targeted employee education and ongoing reinforcement.

Our program will heighten their awareness and teach your users what to look for in attempted social engineering attacks, spear phishing and ransomware attacks. It’s been proven time and again that it works.

Krantz Secure Technologies will deploy a Proactive Defense on Multiple Levels to protect your NYC business from today’s malicious cyber threats. 

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