Krantz making moves to help local businesses get serious about cyber security awareness training

As part of their continual effort to drive business development and enhance security for customers, Krantz Secure Technologies has launched a partnership with KnowBe4! KnowBe4 is the world’s most popular integrated platform for online security awareness training that helps thousands of organizations to manage the continuing problem of security vulnerabilities caused by end-users.

Krantz Secure Technologies has long promoted the idea that regardless of how much time or money is spent on security systems and solutions, employees and user-error continue to be the weakest links in the security efforts of any organization. Because the weak link in IT security is often the end-user, individual security awareness training is a key defense against fraudulent breach and identity theft. Providing education for employees AND customers on threats like phishing, social engineering as well as general information security practices must be among the top agenda items for all organizations.

Krantz Secure Technologies serves a variety of clients across numerous industries and the entire team is incredibly excited to be partnering with KnowBe4. This partnership will allow Krantz to provide security awareness training programs for businesses in every industry. Differently sized organizations cope with different problems, but all businesses can benefit from keeping end-users on their toes. This proactive approach will help Krantz clients ensure that employees understand the different ways security breaches happen and strategies for how to be vigilant in their day-to-day work.

Krantz Security Awareness Training programs will help business owners heighten awareness of cybercrime among their tech users and train them in practical cyber-vigilance. The Krantz team is committed to working with clients to develop an awareness training program that caters to each client’s specific business needs. Available programs consist of a wide variety of training content including:

  • Baseline testing to gauge awareness and experience
  • Employee training modules on cyber crime trends and cyber-security strategies
  • Simulated phishing attacks to ensure trainees are applying strategies vigilantly
  • Detailed results tracking to monitor progress and identify challenge areas
  • Auto-enrollment of new employees for efficient and consistent training

Krantz Secure Technologies firmly believes that arming individual users with this practical knowledge helps to build a more resilient, secure and compliant organization overall. No technology-based solution can overcome the problems caused by users who mistakenly or carelessly click on suspect links and thereby introduce malware into the corporate network. The only remedy for user error? Consistent and comprehensive awareness training.

Krantz Founder & CEO, Jim Krantz is incredibly excited about this new partnership and what it will mean for clients who decide to utilize the technology. “For a truly comprehensive approach to cyber-security, every organization must be committed to educating and training their employees to be aware of email and web-based threats.’ and how to avoid a breach resulting from a simple ‘click’.” Krantz says. “End users must now how to avoid a devastating breach resulting from a simple ‘click’. Because users remain the first level of a layered cyber-defense, our team is committed to providing business owners with the resources they need to keep tech users aware and vigilant.”

If you’d like with more information about how tech users need to be continually trained and tested, don’t hesitate to reach out to Krantz Secure Technologies. A quick chat with their specialists can help business owners keep security awareness top of mind to minimize business risks involved with social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks. Reach them at (212) 286-0325 or!

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