Attention, cost-addled smaller enterprises dealing with the demands of a growing company, increasing IT liabilities, and in-house staff ever-encumbered by IT challenges. Your livelihood and very existence may likely depend on having an outsourced IT provider lighten the burden, and even help you free up enough human and financial resources with its IT outsourcing benefits to actually increase your overall productivity and profit margins.

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What are the biggest advantages of having outsourced IT services?

There are many, but one of the biggest advantages outsourcing your IT services with a managed services provider (MSP) is how it can increase your ROI while at the same time far-reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). IT outsourcing does this in a number of ways, including:

  • Virtualization – It’s simply more predictable, reliable, and profitable
  • Cloud Computing (Part of the virtualization factor)
  • Proactively meeting and nullifying cyber security threats
  • Curing business administration headaches
  • They offer the best cost allocation and ROI
  • Experts determine new hardware and software configurations (best access to and benefit from advanced technology)

And, there are many other perks of having an MSP handling your IT management, including more guaranteed server and network uptime. This is another biggie, as even just one minute of downtime costs the average business around $8,000 USD now. Now, imagine the financial loss should you get hit with a data center failure for a full day, or few days?

As you can see, the cost of not having outsourced IT services far outweighs the initial up-front, fixed monthly fees of having an MSP in your business-networking corner.

Do you have any facts and stats backing this up?

The statistics proving the many ways outsourcing IT benefits businesses are all over the Web. Gartner and CompTIA are just two outfits that have put out copious data on the subject. VMWare found that virtualization saves small and medium-sized outfits as much as 67% on their TCO. (We could easy fill 10 more pages with these stats.)

Krantz Secure is another organization offering a wealth of data on the matter, now put into the form of an e-book which you can download, called, “Offsetting the Cost of New Technology with Managed Support Services”.

How else can we help you discover and reap the benefits of IT outsourcing?

As the MSP of choice for many New York area businesses, we can be yours, too. We invite your inquiries at, or by phone at (212) 286-0325. And, don’t forget to download our e-book PDF on the many Benefits of IT Outsourcing in the meantime.

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