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If you are a nonprofit, the tech world is one of your greatest allies: Today a vast array of providers and services offer discounts and free software to legally certified nonprofits. We’re talking about technology that can improve your donor management, cash control, marketing, and a whole lot more. The key is knowing where to look and how to find your way among the sometimes overwhelming number of services out there. To help out, here you nonprofit managed services, apps, and licensing designed to help with many different goals. Find an option that works for you!

YouTube Marketing

Google has been working hard on its nonprofit services in the past several years, and the result is a suite of powerful tools that nonprofits can use for free or at significantly reduced costs. You probably already know about the basics – anyone can pick up Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar and more to help manage basic communication and collaboration. But Google’s opportunities go far beyond that: One of the best examples is YouTube for Nonprofits, which provides enhanced abilities to link favorite videos to your website, offers dedicated email support for resolving issues, and gives you unique donation cards to make your YouTube calls to action that much easier. There is an application process to pass, but afterward, you receive these features at no extra charge.


The crowdfunding world is another place that many nonprofits are already tired of trying to navigate: The good news is that a growing number of crowdfunding sites are specifically targeting nonprofits and donors with their services, including Causes, CauseVox, Chuffed, Classy, and more. The bad news is that these smaller services don’t always have a lot of online visibility and may be swarmed by…less than stellar projects, which can muddy the waters. A viable alternative may be Google’s interesting One Today program, which partners with some different projects that nonprofits can manage through the software.

Salesforce Power of Us

Salesforce may not be the first service you consider when looking for nonprofit discounts, but it deserves a top spot on your list: Salesforce is a powerful tool that excels at customizing company data into a workflow process ideal for donor management and tracking the sales funnel, which can quickly shift to a “donation” funnel for the NPO model. Since Salesforce has expanded its lighter software into mobile apps and cloud management, it’s also a very flexible option for flat organizations with long lists of prospects.

Power of Us improves those services even more with features dedicated specifically toward nonprofits, including a hub where you can join other New York groups, find assistance in creating and managing your profile, and looking for the right solutions for your company. Nonprofit packages are discounted, but a 30-day trial is also available and advised if you don’t have experience in Salesforce. There’s a lot to unpack here, so take your time.

Evernote Business

Evernote allows you to apply for a nonprofit license for its Business software at a discounted price. If you are looking for a more casual app to help manage brainstorming, notes, collaboration, file-sharing and similar tasks (if Google Docs just isn’t cutting it), then Evernote is worth a look. The software is easy to use, works well on mobile, and is compatible with many different services – plus, it’s easy to use and very friendly to those just starting.

Microsoft Open License for Nonprofits

Currently, Microsoft allows nonprofits to apply for software licenses at reduced prices, with packages that help (somewhat larger) nonprofits save money while still getting access to powerful Office 365 services. The new interfaces that Microsoft has been working on via Teams and other SharePoint data are a breath of fresh air: If your nonprofit is managing multiple projects on multiple fronts, O365 can be a godsend for management and organization, as well as file tracking and data encryption. While Microsoft does require that you jump through quite a few hoops, its services can be very valuable.

Amazon Web Services Credit

Amazon Web Services provide many different cloud and hosting resources for web/data management – customizable ways of running the back end. With the right experience in cloud data, AWS can help create solutions for organizations that are ready to run more complex websites and cloud databases with a focus on resource generation. AWS also has its NPO team, special NPO question days, partnerships, free credits on signup that equal a period of free service, and much more.

Zoho Services

Zoho offers a suite of apps that allow you to mix and match specific services that you can use to accomplish a variety of workplace tasks. The software is focused on the creation and deployment of web forms, along with an analysis of form performance so that you can keep improving relevant content like newsletters, event registration, donation or volunteer forms, and more. The company also offers apps for social management, CRM, campaigns, meetings and just a bunch of other stuff, so it’s worth a little exploration. To find out more about discounts, however, you’ll have to email their customer contact directly to ask about technology services for nonprofits.

Ad Matching

Online advertisement is more important than ever when it comes to getting online results. Social media presence works best when it is also supported by competent ad placement. Of course, ads take work to create and money to place (and may create other regulatory issues as well), so nonprofits are often wary of using them. Google makes the process much more NPO friendly with Ad Grants, a part of its AdWords services that match up to $10,000 per month spent on AdWords by qualifying companies. If you want to expand your online presence and analysis, this is a great place to start.

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