Managed Services NYCFor most small and mid-sized businesses, the cost of hiring even a lone internal IT person is beyond their budgetary constraints. By default, they have no other option than to outsource their IT support needs to a local IT company. Outsourced IT has become the norm for a large number of businesses across a wide range of industries, with service levels varying from company to company, and package to package.

The type of outsourced IT support you’re likely most familiar with is what’s known as Break/Fix support. As the name implies, this type of service is meant to deal with IT issues that have already happened, like a malware infection, network outage, or system crash. Break/Fix contractors charge an hourly fee for their services, and can also be called upon to help with installation and configuration of new software or equipment.

Managed Services takes this approach a step further – several steps further, in fact. Instead of waiting for something to go wrong and stepping in to correct it, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) takes on all the responsibilities of a traditional in-house IT department. This means working to prevent issues from happening in the first place.

Most MSPs offer an extensive list of support solutions and charge a flat monthly fee rather than an hourly rate. So if something does go wrong, you’re not hit with a hefty repair bill. Think of it as insurance; you pay each month in the hopes that you never need to use it, but when you do, you’re saving yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Simply put, Break/Fix services are reactive, while Managed Services are proactive. Which type of service is right for your business depends on what you need out of your technology regarding uptime and efficiency, what your technology budget looks like, and how technology issues could potentially impact things like security and compliance.

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