NYC IT SupportIf you haven’t updated your IT network security in a while, then your nervousness about a devastating cyberattack and costly data breach is understandable. Krantz Secure Technologies has what you need, in terms of cyber security solutions in NYC that truly get you and your network secure, safe behind a fortress of computer security defenses.

Small and midsize business owners who think that only big-name companies like Equifax and Yahoo are at risk for data breaches are making a serious miscalculation.

A 2015 report from cyber security firm Symantec found that 43 percent of cyber attacks were against firms with fewer than 250 employees. The results can be catastrophic: 60 percent of those small companies go out of business, according to the U.S. National Cyber Security Alliance.

Cyber attacks can take many forms, as we’re all aware. One of the most common is ransomware, a virus that is activated when an employee clicks on a dubious link or downloads a file from an unknown party, encrypting all the computers in a network and denying access to the company’s data until a ransom is paid.

Another kind of attack is a fake bank transfer request, where an email that looks like it came from the company itself is sent to an unwitting employee and asks for money to be sent that winds up in a black-hat hacker’s bank account.

We could go on and on about the threats and risks, but let’s take a look at what you can do to prevent a disastrous cyber breach.

The Founder of Krantz Secure Technologies Speaks Out

Speaking to Robert Lerose of in the article, “Protecting Your Small Business From Cyber Attacks,” Krantz Secure Technologies founder Jim Krantz brings cyber security threats and solutions into focus:

“A bot is an Internet robot and it means your device has been compromised and can be controlled by some remote command center,” says Jim Krantz, founder of New York City-based Krantz Secure Technologies, a company that provides network infrastructure, IT security, and cloud solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

“There is an endless list of what can happen. They can potentially steal your data, get your passwords, have access to your bank account, maybe even listen to your conversations through your own PC mic or watch you over your PC webcam.”

Krantz says that companies should provide security awareness training for their employees that is readily available from cyber security companies like Krantz and other tech firms to instruct them in how to protect their company’s data and system integrity.

Besides having next-generation firewalls and backing up systems on- and offsite, Krantz recommends using GEO IP filtering, which allows you to block computer connections from certain geographic locations—such as hostile foreign countries—that you’re unlikely to communicate with regularly.

Two-factor authentication adds another layer of protection, Krantz says. Essentially, before a user can access a company computer, he or she must provide not only their name and password but another piece of information that verifies their identity, such as a fingerprint or code sent to their smartphone.

“If an executive of a smaller business has not been focused on cyber security, a good place to start is with a high-level security assessment to determine their risk level and prioritize remediation,” Krantz says. “Executives need to appreciate the importance of this and take ownership of getting this stuff in place.”

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Forbes: Cyber Security Is No Longer Just a Technology Issue, It’s a Business One, Too

In a recent article on cyber security, Forbes says: “Gone are the days when companies could pass the headaches of cyber security to the IT department, as it has become more of a business issue too. This is especially important as businesses are more digitized, meaning they are exposed to an increasing number of threats if they do not manage the risk of security properly.

While more Hong Kong businesses understand the value of shifting their mindset in cyber security from questioning if their business will experience an attack, so when will they be threatened and how will they respond, they still need to address cybersecurity as the business risk it is.

In Telstra’s 2017 Cyber Security Report, data shows that 59% of Asian organizations experienced a business-interrupting security breach at least once a month. This comes down to the increase in digitization across the board. As we move towards digitization, the number, and type of devices requiring enhanced security measures increase too.

Mobiles, tablets, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices all to fall short in the traditional approach of securing network perimeters by a firewall. Additionally, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are providing attackers with enhanced tools for more complex attacks.”

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