We can! With millions of businesses in New York and around the world needing highly-skilled and qualified IT management, Krantz has emerged as a reliable leader, And, our kind of NYC IT services means you get the kind of information technology support that can guarantee the most server up-time and compliance audit success.

What all do I get from your NYC tech support company?

With Krantz, you get everything you’d expect from a top-level tech support company in NYC, including managed IT services that keep your costs low, give you end-to-end, top-to-bottom network coverage, and eliminate recurring IT issues in favor of more long-term, threat-preventative strategies and solutions.

What’s your IT support philosophy or approach?

Our IT support philosophy is simple: Have the most (and best) IT services and solutions available, and design them to custom-fit our clients’ specific operations requirements.

We believe in proactive IT remedies, but we also know when to provide reactive solutions as well. We make the break-fix solutions a thing of the past with our forward-thinking IT strategies.

Can you do simple computer repair in as part of your managed services and IT consulting model?

Though our NYC computer support team can quickly remove a virus or recover a hard drive on a single computer, our advanced business model allows us to primarily provide support for IT systems, including alert server monitoring and backup, data and disaster recovery, business continuity planning, and everything else leading business IT services firms in New York City are expected to do – well above and beyond simple or traditional “computer repair”.

Do you provide ongoing or even short-term IT consulting?

We can do both! And, we have the collective know-how and technical expertise to help you master any IT issue, and are only a phone call away. Being centrally-located right in Midtown Manhattan, we’re able to provide both remote IT support and make onsite service calls when needed, and with quick response time.

With our K-Secure managed services working hard to keep you on top of any IT security or performance anomaly, you’ll never need to worry or lose a night’s sleep again regarding IT issues.

But, the best part of getting your IT services from Krantz is being able to focus solely on the reason you got into business in the first place, your own customer relations, and indulging in the passion that inherently drives you as an entrepreneur or executive.

Why should I choose Krantz for business IT support?

More and more businesses are choosing managed IT support providers to handle their IT outsourcing and management, and we’re embracing the upward trend. In the simplest terms, we’re helping companies utilize all the available tools in the IT service tool-box.

Can you get me to a place of total IT security?

Absolutely! We offer our patented Krantz-Secure, or K-Secure program offers total network and cyber security for all our NYC IT support clients. Don’t get left behind with substandard computer network support in New York!

To get started, call a Krantz IT consultant today at (212) 286-0325 or email us at Sales@KrantzSecure.com for more information on how our NYC IT services will get you and your venture to a place of ultimate security, performance, and productivity.

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