It can be a challenge to find a trusted IT company that looks at the long-term with you, determining strategies that last the test of time. But, all it takes is a little digging around on the Web and you will find the true leaders who deliver the kind of computer consulting Manhattan businesses of any industry can capitalize on as a true business partner.

Anything less, and you have a potential liability on your hands rather than an ongoing benefit.

Krantz Secure Technologies provides exactly that kind of benefit to our customers who are seeking a computer consultant in Manhattan and greater NYC who is a true master of all things cybernetic — from security-compliance to disaster avoidance to vendor management and much, much more.

So, what is at the heart of the term “computer consulting”? Is it someone who thoroughly knows computers, and can tell you all about it? Is it a company that “consults” as its main objective, but relies only on one inflexible standard of consultation, not paying attention to the technology trends that affect how IT consulting must evolve with the times?

We believe it’s a combination of being tech-savvy, trend-conscious, and personable in a business-like way. We believe Manhattan computer consulting must conform to certain standards that don’t tend to change, and be open to variables in the world of technology that can affect IT consulting and its clientele on nearly a daily basis these days.

Five Questions to Ask Your Computer Consulting Company in Manhattan

Here, we propose a series of questions to ask either your current or another prospective computer consultant in NYC. We have answered each of them as we believe only a top computer consulting company would.

  1. What aspects of technology can you consult me on? A: All possible aspects that modern businesses are faced with.
  2. How will I know a short-term problem from a chronic computer issue? A: Our thorough technology assessments will determine both acute and chronic IT and PC problems.
  3. Do you charge a reasonable rate for ongoing IT and computer consulting? A: We charge the most reasonable rates in NYC for the most tech-qualified, on-call consulting.
  4. How would you rate yourself among other computer consulting firms in Manhattan? A: We like to let our clients speak for us on this, but from our 37-year history of endeavoring to provide Manhattanites the best IT services possible — we’re at or near the apex of success.
  5. Going into 2018, can you cover every computer issue faced by businesses today? A: Whether it’s authentication and access issues, ransomware and compliance, cybersecurity training, email security, software update and much more — Krantz covers it.

Our consulting process is detailed and highly structured, and our focus is on being a technical advisor to our clients that focus on developing long-term relationships.

Here is some of what we bring to your table when you choose us as your Manhattan computer consultants:

Inventory Review

Proactive inventory management is critical to a secure infrastructure, so we’ll bring a full inventory to each meeting and a list of items that may be low on disk space or getting towards the end of their inventory period so we can discuss when to phase-in replacements.

Business Strategy

We know that even the best technology cannot solve problems that are rooted in business, so we work closely with you to ensure that we’ve identified business issues such as your strategic direction, priorities, competitors, and changes within your industry. Our consulting pros are well-versed on how to utilize appropriate technology to solve your business challenges.

Future-Proofing Your Business

Before we visit you, our team gathers information on any new technology that is relevant to your business or that could give your organization a strategic edge. We’ll work with you to define a list of prioritized short- and long-term tasks that require additional research or pricing information so as to best evaluate ongoing solutions.

Actionable Wrap-Up

We define the solutions as a step along the path with our team focusing on bringing you cost-efficiently into the future. Not only will we deliver back to you a prioritized list of agreed-upon projects with any applicable pricing, but we’ll also provide a list of deliverables that will give you the information that you need to keep in mind over the next review period.

Top Reasons Why You Need Leading Computer Consulting in Manhattan

Eliminate internal bottlenecks.

All companies face bottlenecks in some way or another. It’s a natural part of doing business. However, many of these bottlenecks can be eliminated with the help of an IT consultant.

A Krantz computer consultant will take the time to understand how your technology works and then, take things a step further to understand how your employees are using this technology. This can be anything from the printers and fax machines you use the software and workflows you rely on.

Reduce or eliminate downtime.

Downtime can happen for a variety of reasons, but usually, the technology itself is to blame. Whether it’s a compromised computer, a printer that’s acting up, or an internet connection that’s consistently spotty, it all results in some degree of downtime.

Luckily, with a good IT consultant by your side, you can proactively remove obstacles like these and reduce the potential downtime that stems from them. Good computer consulting in Manhattan will provide you with the necessary guidance and project management services you need to implement more long-range, integrative IT solutions.

Save money.

While it might cost money to partner with an IT consultant, the money they can save you, in the long run, is well worth the investment. Obviously, there are cost-benefits when it comes to eliminating bottlenecks and reducing downtime; however, the savings go above and beyond that.

Whether we take on a role as a Managed Service Provider or help you find and implement more advanced technologies, a computer consultant can help you make the most of your technology. We can keep your hardware in prime working condition and help you avoid repair fees and new hardware purchases. We can provide you with technology that will streamline and automate processes. And, we can keep you within industry regulations and guidelines.

Secure your digital assets.

Other than making money and staying in business, protecting your digital assets is a top priority for companies globally. This is because when data goes missing, businesses will pay for it in more ways than one and for a whole lot longer than they think possible. And in some cases, they might not make it out of a data-catastrophe intact. Krantz can help you permanently secure your data, and do it at the most cost-effective price.

So, are you ready for the kind of computer consulting Manhattan enterprisers can depend on to keep at optimum levels of productivity?

Let Krantz Secure Technologies be your guru who can lead you successfully through the maze of modern computer issues.

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