Cyber-Criminals are no joke.

Every year they siphon millions of dollars out of legitimate businesses just like yours.

So why don’t you have cyber-security professionals on your side?

Sure, your healthcare clinic or practice has a firewall and you keep your antivirus subscription paid and up to date.

But that’s only part of the picture!

If that’s all you’re doing – you could be in serious trouble.

Without professionals ensuring that your backups are properly set up and checking on them regularly to ensure that your data can be easily retrieved – and doing a dozen other vital things –  you could be in for a world of hurt.

But the bad news just gets worse…

Covered Entities, business associates, non-profits involved in healthcare are at risk as well.

The hard truth is…

Your employees are your biggest vulnerability.

Yes, they’re great people – but when it comes to cyber-security, they just don’t have the skillset.

For 35 years, Krantz Secure Technologies has been helping healthcare related companies like yours fortify their businesses against cybercrime.

Do you run a doctor’s office, emergency clinic, chiropractic practice, or dental office with more than ten computer users?

If the answer is yes – you’re a target.


Your systems are full of confidential information that can be exploited by criminals.

They’re after:

  • Medical records
  • Credit card numbers
  • Social Security numbers
  • Names and addresses
  • Your network’s computing power
  • It’s time to move your healthcare business into a new, safer IT environment!

We can help!

We know the right policies and procedures to enact, and we have the capability to train your employees to work securely and efficiently while using the internet for business.

If your company does business with a healthcare practice of any kind, you too are a target!

You need industry-leading precautions in place to guard your business, workflow, and employees.

Covered Entities, business associates, and non-profits involved in healthcare have to take their role in securing data seriously.


Because if the cybercriminals can’t get into the networks of doctor’s offices, dental practices, and chiropractic offices, they’ll turn their sights on the data within your business.

It’s time to make a change – it’s time for robust security procedures!

But that’s not something you can – or should – do on you own.

You need expert guidance.

A business like yours requires the leveraged experience of the Krantz Secure Technologies team!

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