Are your CPA Cloud service provider making sure you data storage and client applications up to the job?

Your clients depend on you – even put their private financial information into your capable hands.

So what happens when YOUR CPA cloud services solution – that you depend on – fails?

That’s right – you’re in a heap of trouble!

Email, confidential client information, proprietary company data, databases – all GONE…

Guess what…it happened this week in Baltimore…a CPA Cloud Services company had a massive failure that but them technically out of business and for some clients…well, let’s not go there because it isn’t pretty.

But the average business owner rarely thinks about the fact that their cloud provider could fail them.

  • Are the cloud provider’s systems up to standard?
  • Do they meet compliance requirements?
  • What failover solution do they have in place?

Your accounting firm is in a position of trust, and your cloud backup solution provider has to live up to the promise of that trust.

That’s where the Krantz Secure Technologies team enters the picture.

We provide highly reliable and verifiable backups with geo-redundant failover capability.

What does that mean for you?

It means peace of mind – and the confidence to spend your time on your work – not on your backups.

We are a professional IT managed services company, and every day we successfully deal with the complex issues of stable and reliable data backup, data recovery, and regulatory compliance.

Are you ready to discover the confidence of working with a professional IT team?

We will actively manage your business systems, creating an extensive plan that includes backups and redundancies for not only mission-critical data but entire systems as well.

Disaster Recovery is yet another of the cloud-based backup and recovery options available for the proactive business leader.

Ensuring that your mission-critical customer data and systems have a full and accessible backup in the cloud and maintained by Krantz Secure Technologies is step number one in creating an actionable plan for recovery. There are many different tools that the Krantz Secure Technologies team can call upon to ensure that your CPA firm’s IT environment functions seamlessly. One of the best measurements of IT success is access to ongoing and proactive system monitoring. We’ll monitor your data 24/7/365 to provide that confidence.

This level of disaster preparedness will put your company in a position of strength – rather than being at the mercy of a faceless online company – whose representatives you haven’t met and don’t know.

We’ll do all of the data storage and recovery heavy lifting PLUS deliver pro-growth business benefits!

  • Maintained – completes your upgrades, updates, and patches automatically
  • 24/7 Monitoring – keeps you running with a 99.99% uptime
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery – meets or exceeds compliance demands
  • Around the Clock Support – addresses your concerns immediately
  • Predictable Costs – makes it easy to maintain control over your budget
  • Hardware and software procurement – gets you the hardware and software you need at the best cost

You need an IT solutions partner that understand secure, reliable data backup and how to make your accounting firm’s IT work for you and your clients.

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